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Jacob Feder

Redfoot Tortoise

Redfoot Tortoise

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 •Chelonoidis carbonaria

•Captive Bred 

•7 day health guarantee 

•Orders will ship every Wednesday or next best day.  

•Live animal orders will be automatically held at the nearest FedEx hub when temperatures will be below 30 degrees to ensure the safety & live arrival of the animal.

•Lmage shown is a Redfoot Tortoise of ours, however each tortoise will look slightly different from the image shown. Each one is unique and different in its own way. 


•Adults are normally 11-15 inches when full grown depending on sex & locality.



•Hatchlings can be kept in a 10 gallon tank for the first few months of life so they can find food & water easily, as they get older they can be moved into a 20 gallon or a something similar in size such as a concrete mixing tub. Adult redfoots should be kept in a habitat that is roughly 4ft wide x 8ft long

•Mist hatchling redfoots with a spray bottle in the morning & evening to help with smooth shell growth.



•Redfoot tortoises that are kept outside, in the natural sun do not need any artificial lighting as they get all of the necessary UVA/UVB from the sun. Redfoots kept indoors or outdoors entirely in the shade should be supplied with both a UVB (I recommend using the zoo med tropical UVB bulb). & a heat bulb.  Redfoots should have a temperature gradient from 82-88 degrees. & will need a 75-100 watt reptile heat bulb to achieve this (wattage will depend on your ambient room temperature). Indoor lights should be kept on for no more than 12 hours per day. Overnight temps for babies should never be lower than 75. Adults can withstand 60 degrees at night as long as it will be sunny & hot the following day but the warmer the better with these guys.



•Redfoots tortoises benefit from a varied diet with staples such as romaine, collard greens, spring mix & kale. They also love fruit & will ferociously take down strawberries, blueberries, banana, papaya as well as many other fruits. Fruit should be fed in moderation roughly 3 times per week. Vegetables such as zucchini, squash, carrots can also be added to the diet. I add Mazuri tortoise chow to all my tortoise & iguana diets 1-2 times per week to round out their diet to make up for anything I may of missed out nutritionally.



•Redfoots that are kept outdoors in the natural sun can produce their own D3 & should therefore be given repti-calcium WITHOUT D3 & reptivite without d3 dusted on their food 1-2 times per week. Redfoots kept indoors cannot produce their own D3 so they should be given the the same supplement but the one WITH D3.

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